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Other IT Services

We're not just specialists in web site design. Oh no. Mass Dynamic is proud to be working on a varied plethora of other IT services with different companies and here is just a flavour.

Business I.T. Infastructure

Mass Dynamic has worked closely with some of it's clients to provide IT assistance and support to help businesses get around the somewhat confusing IT world and get businesses set up with the IT equipment they need.

From setting up servers to simply advising on which IT equipment is best for a certain scenario, Mass Dynamic can take care of it.

In addition, we offer a simple monthly Service Level Agreement service whereby you can sit back and allow Mass Dynamic to look after your new/exsiting IT equipment without needing to worry whether you're doing it right.

Cinema Data Feeds

Having previous experience of working closely with the cinema industry, Mass Dynamic offers a film information service, of which, we work closely with the UK film distributors to gather official film synopsis information and official images for some of our clients.

Show Times Information Screens

As part of our work with the UK film distributors, the information we gather lends itself to other projects away from the IT world. One of which is showtime information screens. You might have noticed when you visit your local cinema, they have screens up on the walls which informs their patrons the times of all the films showing that week. Mass Dynamic can provide these screens to any cinema in the industry, arrange for them to be fitted and maintiain the content of the screens for a reasonable monthly fee.

A mock up demo of a showtime screen layout is coming soon. - We've heard your requests... I will get it converted for the web site.

Could you make use of our other IT skills? - Get in touch!