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What We Do - Web Site Design

Some of the most common questions asked when starting up a working relationship are; What do you do? Why should we work with you?

Well, first and formost Mass Dynamic is primarily a web site design company. That's not all we do. Certainly not, but that's it's core business.

Web sites designed by Mass Dynamic won't be done using peices of software that will do it for you such as Wordpress and Joomla. Although they are great products for certain people, it's not what we do here. With Mass Dynamic, you get a more bespoke framework. Our sites are designed from the ground upwards and are done by working closely with our customers to work out what message the business is needing to convey and making a web site from scratch which deals with our client's core principals.

On top of that we've made it our duty to closly conform to the W3C Accessibility standards where possible. What does that mean? - Well, although it's not a legal requirement (yet!), it is considered "best practice" when creating a web site to think of ALL users. And by all users, we mean people who are not as able bodied as most users. So, for example, people who use screen reading software. If the web site they're viewing isn't "screen reader friendly" then people who rely on that software to use the internet won't be able to read the web site and will just go elsewhere. Do you have to have it? No. You can opt out of this naturally, it's your web site after all, but Mass Dynamic does encourage this policy whenever possible.

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